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: Green Eyed Boys
Three little sons he loves so much,
They're blonde like her,
And have green eyes,
Unlike parents brown as such.
They have her high cheeks,
Her sparkling laugh,
Her cheeky smile,
They have the way he speaks.
He was so tender with those sons,
Taught them to build,
Taught them courage,
To him they were the most beloved ones.
Only those green eyed boys could make him cry,
Once a scare with a fever,
Thrice out of pure pride and joy,
The love in his heart could make him fly.
Funny thing said the mailman,
"They've got my eyes"
Said with a wicked smile,
That knew doubt's destructive span.
He came home early with a fistful of roses red,
Green eyed sons,
Make sudden sense,
For the mailman was with his wife in bed.
The charade was over and done,
He offered consoling,
She filed for divorce,
Now he's left wondering how it'd begun.
The judge pounds his gavel at the close,
No rights to the sons he loved,
But still he must pay child support,
He finds hi
:iconrefield:refield 2 2
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Update Schmupdate
Haven't written this flavor of journal in a long time. Hoohoohoo
Sorry for the lack of comic book pages and art in general. I have a semi-valid excuse I promise.
Around the beginning of the month, I ordered a new drawing tablet as an upgrade to what I had, I also sold off the one I was using (as I had to, to afford the upgrade). The new tablet came in but it was defective on arrival. So I had to send it back.... which took a week to ship, then the seller had to ship me a replacement, which took another week to ship. And FINALLY gets here tomorrow. Thank Christ almighty.
I've been using a very old tablet of mine as a backup to do freelance work with, and the occasional sketching, but it's been hell with this thing cause it barely works. I really hope the new one that is being shipped to me at the moment actually works. That'd be real cool, like SUPER cool.
I'll be back to streaming and updating Child of Eden shortly. (As well as brand-new drawing tutorials and new Hollow Era clip
:iconparimak:Parimak 1 12
She wanted strength,
So he became stone,
Covering his wounds,
To keep his pain unknown.
She wanted sensitivity,
So he became unfired clay,
Showing the slightest marks,
To take new forms every day.
She wanted provision,
So he became steel,
Taking on the toughest jobs,
To keep want from her to feel.
She wanted obedience,
So he became a dog,
Keeping at her heels,
To keep from feeling a verbal flog.
Whatever she wanted,
He would become,
Changing to whims,
To keep her happiness beating the drum.
:iconrefield:refield 10 11
Samurai Jack fan art :iconcorythec:CorytheC 21 4

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BatNats's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"

My Bio pic was drawn by the amazing :icondcrisisbeta: ,make sure to check his amazing art

Make sure to read this amazing backstories my friend refield wrote about my character Ryo and my characters Ren and Jin

Commission: Ryo
Ryo's father is a captain of industry, and the wealthiest man in his hometown, and so there was very little denied to him during his early childhood.  One of those few things was his father's time, as he spent nearly all of it keeping his company profitable.  What little of his father he did see, always looked firm, commanding, always in total control of himself, and the gravely but warm phrase "well done" was the only praise the man knew how to offer, and that was enough to get Ryo to jump for joy, which would elicit a barely visible crooked half grin to appear for a twinkling, before his face returned to the imposing granite scowl that was his normal countenance.  As such, Ryo ever sought after his father's attention by doing things that would earn him that praise.  This deficit in the father's attention was not exclusive to Ryo, his mother felt it too, but unlike him, she did not seek to gain further attention from her
Commission: Ren and Jin.
Oshiro Jin has never known any home besides Ray of Hope Orphanage, and that suits him just fine.  Nobody knows if his parents are alive or dead, and he acts like he couldn't be bothered to know at all, but some swear that he's been caught looking at the small golden pendant that he arrived with intently when he thinks he's alone.  Despite not getting enough attention during his infancy, he grew to like the shabby creaking old manner house that was his home.  In his infancy, several couples came to adopt a baby, but whenever a stranger held him, he'd wail until his eyes were puffed up and red, and his voice grew horse, so the staff gave up until he was three years old.  They had thought that they'd found a good fit three weeks after his third birthday, but the director saw something awful while she was shopping for groceries a week after he had left.  She saw Jin's adoptive mother backhand him so hard that he flew into a stac

Awesome pixel art made by :iconcrystalmyu:
Tagged by :iconneirulysor36: ^^

Rules: Choose your favorite number, and say according to the number chosen, facts about your fursona!

Name of my fursona: Robert Cameroon

I choose 12, so:
1º fact: He is blue
2º fact: he likes potato
12º: He hates chocolate
And doing it until the number 12 X3

Well, I've always liked 5 XP so 5 is my go to number XP

I'll talk a bit more about Navi then XP  OC/Semi Chibi - Navi's Cookies! by BatNats

Fact 1- Navi is a crybaby XP he cries over anything, food, scratch, itchy back, you name it XD.

Fact 2- He loves his Mom a lot but his cousin and brotherly figure Kip has always been his role model and best friend.
  OC - Kip (Navi's cousin) by BatNats<Kip

Fact 3- He loves snow, as soon as he sees snow outside he immediately jumps into it no matter what he's wearing, including pajamas and fresh out of the bath. He has gotten sick from this a lot xp

Fact 4. Kip watches over Navi everyday since they met when they were 5 and 6 years old

Fact 5. As mentioned before, Navi is very very...VERY shy, but when his instincts or curiosity kick in his shyness pretty much is completely nullified until he snaps out of it, this usually happens when he smells cookies that were just taken out of the oven, sees snow, or he sees a toy he really likes. 

Welp, Imma tag now >w<

I tag: :iconjaredsteeletype: and :icondcrisisbeta: 

Have fun XD


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I slept from 6 or something to around 9, then I insta fell asleep again to around 11, then once again I insta fell asleep till 5pm, so, I slept 11 hours, I highly doubt that I'll sleep tonight haha, welp, fever won't stop me now! I'll draw something or whatevs, I have my best friend the tissue box next to me in case my nose decides to start having it's period again, and I'm eating nice cold cereal haha! TO WAR!!...or something
Just as I thought that I was getting better, KABOOM, nosebleed out of nowhere, not only that but body temperature went from 0 to 100 real quick, aka, fever is not done with me haha...haaaaaa, oh boy.
SPRING FEVER!!...LITERALLY! HAHAHA Oh man I love getting sick while being in an unbreakable good mood XD I act soooooo drunk 



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